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a parent’s tale

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silk cotton sheets

in a curled up book view

was her late night vision.

five a.m.

wake up call delivery,

and the pre-dawn coffee brews.

kiss the stirring child good morning.

breakfast of cartoons and cereal smiles,

sending her off onto the bus –

and in a moment of realization,

once a baby in your arms

now grows into a childhood,

in a world she’ll seek herself.

oh, days like this,

“where did the time go?”

iron out the wrinkles

and the mid-afternoon snooze.

sesame street rhymes whistles

as the vacuum motor roars.

toys march out

and then back into treasure pile

laptop work,  deadline files.

a mother welcomes

a daughter hello smile.

dinner simmer’s,

homework sinners.

her goodnight whispers,

leads her to a storybook dream.

daddy’s little wonder,

a mother’s little miracle.

silk cotton sheets

and a curled up book view

was her late night vision,

two a.m.

and in only three short hours,

curtain calls.



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