you are (more than these words)

sometimes curly, sometimes straight.

light to dark and dark to light.

her hair changes upon season and mood.

eyes shine, glimmer like diamonds.

she’s a springtime song, thawing out the winter’s chill.

her face, smooth and delicate.

her silence says a thousand words; her tone soft and angelic.

her presence, like soft falling snow, graceful and quiet.

the elegance, the beauty, outshines the sun on any given day.

when her smiles make an appearance,

my heart becomes weak, and falls again.

her skin, creamy; glowing.

her heart, caring and giving.

a dedicated humanitarian, her modesty might say otherwise.

a seeker of truth, dwelling within the words.

a wonderful mother, a juggling between life’s acts and little wonders.

a wife that only a man can dream of.

wishful thinking to my reality.

she is a symphony in life.

a rock upon which i can lean on.

a friend no one can be, the best.

you are.

you are more than these words,

more than what my painting can say.

you are the essence of my desire.

oh, my love!, my heart longs when you are away!,

and when you are within these arms, i beg for forever!

c.2013, 2017 BGW

excerpt from a letter

the rain drizzled upon the cold awaiting pavement.

the heavenly clouds broke apart,

and the moon sat and the sun shone.

a deep and heavy, misty fog lifted;

i awoke

between the tragedy

of realizing about the night before

and the dreaming about of still having you.

i am lost.

my soul lays empty!

the morning rain taps on the window pane by my bed.

my body frozen, though thawed

entertained between thoughts and memories.

i gazed through that window

and yet didn’t move.

my day paralyzed by not having you!

a mind wonders and a soul stings.

as i am sure that a million people have said –

i am nothing without you, absolutely nothing!

but let me say this :

“i am nothing without you, absolutely nothing!

and yet, if i am to remain nothing,

at least i know i can say that i was something when i had you”

c.2017  bgw