i’m not falling asleep;

the freight train passes through

slumbered harvested fields.

a distant gate lowers as the whistle blows.

blinking lights blinds flashes,

and i am not falling asleep.

London sirens sounded

as the last kiss grounded.

closed eyed years that pass

i found you there;

and now in the missing i hope for you.

boarders call out such

and found me without.

i had it all in a hush

and yet eventually left me without much

I’m not falling asleep;

day dreaming where everyone’s got something.

interstate miles date;

and sink within all your jet sets,

lights, camera, action to all skyscraper lifts

once where i was typing through blank pages

where i read through rough copies;

through all fictional capers

there somewhere did it all live once

in true heart beating,

i set my eyes on you

but i am not falling asleep

c.2016 bgw



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