whispering kisses

above the rim of the wine glass

her eyes glance up at me;

sipping on a beautiful trance.

i’m gonna go

where in pictures others have just seen;

dare to dream.

today gave me new horizons

to seek and to find;

i get lost in her everyday!

a morning sun wakes

and she finds me by her side;

kisses softly whispering good morning.

i’m going to do

what others wouldn’t dare;

i wouldn’t think twice.

explore a world

where she makes

my heart beat wild,

my breath speaks her name;

she is such!

where the moon lights my midnight sea;

where trees

lined deep along the river of dreams;

reflections bathing in the waters

under the sea of the universe,

i stood upon the mountain top

and found her there

wishing on the same falling star –

above the rim of the wine glass

her eyes glance up at me

sipping on a beautiful trance.

c. 2016  bgw




her smile

read my soul

and left me speechless;


yet, i didn’t know

that at the time

that in her eyes i found

held my universe.

but now i know

that she is everything

that was lacking in my world;


collecting kisses

where an American sunset

meets a Canadian sunrise;

good morning.

she is more breathtaking

than the Alberta landscapes;

always stunning,

leaving me speechless;


c. 2016  bgw