the things that weigh heavy on a mind

escalates the silence in a room;

feelings dangle and hang on to a memory;

all the while it fights with the walls that wail

and grieves within the fire.

 the voice inside my head reads aloud the hiding looming thoughts.

haunting echos, repeating and knocking itself down

until the reality hits;

the heart sinks and the mind blinks.

the rocking chair cracks and squeaks;

taunting in such an erupted whisper.

the sun tried to blind everything while it set;

 but the stars followed

and caught everything i lost –

the moon shone and gave it all back

 all the while feeding the voice in my head

as it reads aloud the forgotten looming thoughts.

c. 2016  bgw

12 thoughts on “the silence speaks only at night

      1. Yes! I relate so much to this. I find when i am going to bed at night is when i think most deeply about things. Thats when a lot of my inspiration to my writings come from. But also when i have made some of my biggest decisions. Life is too busy and loud… But figuratively speaking it is so quiet. I find my thoughts are loudest and most heard and understood when it is silent. I love this poem. Probably my favorite of yours thus far 🙂
        And i also love feedback. So if you ever have any thoughts on my stuff, feel free to share!

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  1. Silence can be depressing, it can also hold hope. This seemed to carry the weight of the world, especially in the words “forgotten looming thoughts.” If you lost something or someone, I hope you have something or someone to fill this empty space. 🙂

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    1. Silence can speak when the things on a mind are heavy. It seems to “echo” in the head. Lose sleep. Can’t eat. Partially from loneliness, partially from thinking too much. You can still have everything or have that someone in your life, and still be very empty by a past, the present or an unknown future. I hope when people read my writing they can relate and feel like “yes, this guy gets it” and sees what tough times we can go through in life. Life is not all roses. And that’s what i write about. Thank you for your continued reading and following and comments! -bgw


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