shades of a smile

night sky,

as the moon sails by;

stars act like eyes,

looking down upon slumber ground –

night sky


dreams of a deep desire,

act like a movie conspire;

campagne for lady love

and all that could be lost,

in dreams of deep desire !  !


typed words of inked ribbon black,

sought words of invisible emotion;

the strength of feelings linger,

but now forgets –

to her, are just these typed words of inked ribbon black.


i’ve changed my face

for a change of pace.

perhaps it may have been a game that backfired on me;

but here!, in the shades of my smile –

all that is left is her faded wallpapered mile.

and i changed my face  –

for a change of pace.


night sky,

dreams of deep desires;

turned into typed words of invisible emotion

was it i that woke up the giving of a bright sunshine day?

yea! it was i, cycling the shades of a smile

perhaps all in the making;

night sky



c. 2015 bgw