whispering words


when night is the book and the wooded moonlight is the story,

found only is it in the delicate calm of a cold winters slumber.

nature’s beauty writes its whispering words in silence that few could ever see.

c. 2015 bgw

saying good-bye to some sort of yesterday


saying good-bye to some sort of yesterday.

in the seeking for,

when the depth of the desire has run its course.

up and down,  down and around –

the roller coaster of emotion.

the loss of a language once spoken,

became foreign and broken.

pick up the pieces of a hope

and my eyes just could never turn away

from such beauty,

established passion that are these words before.


oh! but i can not live in everyday

giving hope and opportunity my every breath!

though you’ll never disappear from my mind,

i’ll keep the chance in my pocket,  my heart.

saying good-bye to some sort of yesterday.

oh!,  saying good-bye to some sort of yesterday –

just as i have,

i’ll never be capable to do as such.

leave all these words behind,

leaving them as they are, in a bright sunrise dawning.

weep these exhausted unknown tears nevermore.




c.  2015  bgw