only the jester would know

flags of the labourer

fade under the rule of the unlit.

the echo of a ruler’s speech,

falls flat and succumbs to an unforseen emptiness.

the throne gathers dust and reigns in a mist.

the court jester’s laugh fades away

while his fables drown in the darkened dungeon.

flags of the labourer

fade under the rule of the unlit.



c. 2015  bgw

a parent’s tale

silk cotton sheets

in a curled up book view

was her late night vision.

five a.m.

wake up call delivery,

and the pre-dawn coffee brews.

kiss the stirring child good morning.

breakfast of cartoons and cereal smiles,

sending her off onto the bus –

and in a moment of realization,

once a baby in your arms

now grows into a childhood,

in a world she’ll seek herself.

oh, days like this,

“where did the time go?”

iron out the wrinkles

and the mid-afternoon snooze.

sesame street rhymes whistles

as the vacuum motor roars.

toys march out

and then back into treasure pile

laptop work,  deadline files.

a mother welcomes

a daughter hello smile.

dinner simmer’s,

homework sinners.

her goodnight whispers,

leads her to a storybook dream.

daddy’s little wonder,

a mother’s little miracle.

silk cotton sheets

and a curled up book view

was her late night vision,

two a.m.

and in only three short hours,

curtain calls.



c.2015   bgw

you and me

whispered passion.


boundless desire,


and cascades in endless fire.

you and me.

i have sought


to find you,

and proclaim the love –


boundless and limitless.


adoring the touch,


soft kiss treasures.


astounded lure.

you and me.



c.2015  bgw


unsettled slumber

dreams turned into thoughts

and awoke me from such.

when i can not paint the words –

when i can not compose the notes –

all in a sonata that is you.

under brilliant maple shades,

where a summer never fades –

find me in a slumber,

and i’ll rest myself in the desire.


c. bgw  2015