night time storybook riddles,

the endless meadow of thought.

counting the stars above,

slowly the eyes draw heavy and fall back.

through these dream scape knacks,

she comes knocking at my door.

and all for a while in absolute calmness,

a beam of her laughter spills out

into my soul,  overflowing onto the floor.

she opens the frayed drapes of darkening certainty

and breathes out the sunshine warmth.

as the breeze drifts by,

under all the leaves of the trees above

over the rushing creek waters,

over rock and pebble –

leading us back again

to the elevated castles sitting high.

brick on top of brick

stone on top of stone –

inside the wall of my security,

are her arms wrapped around me.

the essence of her being i find.

flood my emotions in this bouquet of time

with her being with me

in the endless meadow of thought!

in the wiping of eyes awoke,

and the gorgeous illusion of what was,

was nevermore – halted and taken!

oh! night time storybook rhyme,

lead me again

to the endless meadow of thought!



c.  2014  bgw

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