in the autumn sunrise


the morning sun woke up the day

and there we lie,  awake in each others arms.

as the bright light of a soft glow sun rises,

a gentle passion of the love making  made alarms –

the soft feeling of the cotton sheets covers stirring flesh.

as the memory of what was,

was playing out in front of me like some motion picture reality


i woke up to a mourning sun.

the tears from high noon,

fell onto the face on the moon.

though all was wiped away by the stars,

the eluded warmth was,

and now cloaks itself  in a nightmare sonata –

i woke up to a mourning sun


the morning sun woke up the day

and there i lie,  turned towards where you once were.

the shoulder where you rested your head,  is now bear and cold.

the place where a laugh filled the room,  now sits in a buzzing silence.

to the window i stand and stare,

watching the autumn leaves of red and brown fall in slow motion,

to the ground they tumble.




c.2014 bgw