parting from a dream (if only for a while)


i look beyond the grasp of  these hands;

digging,  searching.

day after day, waking up in these quick sand dreams,

driving into the same postcard picture schemes,

most of the time i’m in solitary meditation and yet still coming apart at every nail;

and then,  she enters  my mind,  my sight –

finding a light.

and then,  everything i was mad at,

everything i was stressed out about;

all in a matter of moments,

it all seems to just disappear.


ah! let me stay here a little longer.

in her smile lies a happiness never really had

but in my hand and in my touch

she stays a little longer


the hours seem like simple minutes,

and my eyes open,

and its all there –

nothing but this empty room,  reality finds its way,

in this morning daze,

and im all alone again,

finding the reality of a dream

my heart sinks a little more

but the memory still remains

all in a faded form

alas, she was mine!,   if only for a while

if only for a while


c.2013,2014  bgw