cycling storms



the sun peaked through a crack in the clouds

giving  the day a little brightness to the gloom

but  it quickly went away –

quickly went away behind a storm front coming in,  it ran.

it ran away and the rain softly dropped on the leaves below

washing away the sin of the grin


the brown hair that once was on a younger soul

now turned  lighter, brighter with a salting of silver and white

the mirror always differed from what was real and of was what was in the mind

but now i can not argue,  time has caught up to me

time had caught up – to me


and the thunder falls under the ears of ones brother

and the thunder falls under the clouds that cloak

cycling storms leading me away

cycling storms leading me the way


how do we know what was?

seek to how far we come,

oh,  look how for we came

are we missing anything – anymore?

all that we see,  and all that passed

we let it all go by the way side,  all by the wayside

meet me at the sea side,   meet me at the sea side


c. 2014 bgw