. . . . . . .the words come and go,  the days pass by.   never really knowing where to start,  until seemingly,  you come to the end.   and that’s where i found you,  at the end of this path,  a place where the  two paths  collided and became one.   one minute,  guided by the crunch of the footsteps in a pebble filled path,  and the next,  floating in space, quiet,  lost and soul’d.    you find yourself at home,  but stand in a stranger’s room looking out the window.   all the thoughts,   and all the words,   keep me awake on  some nights.   the pictures that are in my head,   act like a short film,   keeping  me wanting more;    wishing that you were here,   riding this wave  with  me tonight.   but instead i find myself sitting this chair,   keeping the emptiness in this room company,  and everything that was,  and everything that i stood for,  now lyes in ruins.   floating,  out in the middle of the sea,  on a paper raft,   slowly taking on water;   slowly i sink deeper.   the salty water rushes up to my chin,  clinging on for dear life,  on a piece of  life preserver.   and there,  as i try to stay afloat,   a seaplane slowly crawls across the sky in the not so far off distance.   reaching out your hand,  you grab my hand, and stop my sinking –  saving me from an ever raging sea,  saving grace,  and a smile cracks through this numb face.   i’ve been solitaire for so long,   i’ve forgotten what the feeling feels like.   and here we are,  in new beginnings.   a familiar formality,   and you make it  feel so brand new.   you make the pain go away,   healing my wounds;  when it hurts the most.   pour me another glass of your love;   what your answers can’t solve,  ill never truly know.   and there i sit,  in the white sands of paradise,  her eyes  looking deep  within my eyes,  saying a thousand,  unspoken words.   the breeze covers and cools,   the sun warms upon my face,   and the candlelight flickers as it shows the smile,  the grin,   exposing the beauty that is you.  warm ocean waters, come and cool me off.  sea gulls come and carry the letdown of yesterday way,  nevermore a sight.  sticking my feet in the soft sands,  your hand within my hand,  as my rock.  here we are,  hand in hand.  //  after the storms have passed,  there i am ; still standing.  never looking back,  one time and ill regret.  and now there you are,  greeting me –  with your smile,  with your lips,   your kiss.   has it been me,  you’ve missed?   another days dawn,  waking up with the sun in my eyes,  peaking through the window back in my chair,  in the empty room,  keeping the emptiness company.  but do not be sad my beloved!, though,  you were just a dream,  never meaning to be.  the tick toc echos through the room,  and the silence stirs.   you were only a dream,  that saved me for a little while.  still! ,  bringing  to my face a smile that will last awhile,  until the next time she comes and rescues my drowning soul. . . . . .

c. 2004,  2013  BGW

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