when you’re gone,  somewhere,  i can find you,  swimming in my memory.  when the void tugs and tears at my heart,  my life without love, you can find a morning sky without a sunrise.  a night sky without a moon,  stars that don’t  shine,  where are you?  a beach without sand,  an ocean without waves,  a shore without a scent.  my life without love,  i need you.  a year without its days, nor the seasons.  a winter without the gentle falling snow,  the spring without  the bird song,  a summer without the flowers bloom,  or a fall without the coloured leaves,  warm apple cider afternoons.  music without notes,  an unexpected uncomfortable, deafening silence.  oh!,  a life without love,  you,  i dont dare think of such!  here i am,  in a box of absolute nothing.  where no colour surrounds,  no images to sight,  no memory,  no feelings,  im blind without love,  you.  when you are gone,  time has no tic tocs,  minutes last for eternity,  and sleep has no dreams,  a sleepless night,  and an empty bed – something i never expected to get used to.  a life without love,  a breath without air,  a life without you,  a life without living,  giving,  sharing.  and now that i’ve come to find that you were all of these things,  i’m no one living nowhere particular, seeking for that place where we once were.  you’re gone, and i need to feel again. without love,  without you,  i am dead inside my heart.  a smileless face,  only an empty shell that  trys to pick up these  broken pieces.  when you’re gone, somewhere i can find you, swimming in my memory.  the void tugs and tears at my heart,  when you’re gone, and like stone, I can not move,  my life without love, you.

c. 2013 bgw

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