im sorry that ive made a lot of mistakes. im not perfect. i wish i could be that person everyone can count on everytime.  but i can’t be there for everyone. i wish i could not be so stubborn in my ways, and learn to be more receptive.  im trying. I’ve ruined some relationships.  im a bridge burner,  and now i caught myself on fire, and im paying the price.  my smile has slipped away, far away, to somewhere i desperately  seek and to find again.  my heart shatters like fragile glass,  and i cut my fingers picking up the pieces.  i hang on for dear life as i feel the rope slide and burn through my hands.  inch by inch i slip away,  and everything i had falls off the cliffs edge.  my desire, like a fire that will never extinguish,  still sees you.  im sorry ive made some mistakes.  distractions,  unintentional actions that piled up into a false facade.  all i can say in this confessional is,  im sorry.  tomorrow,  the sun will rise, and bring me another day.  a day where i get to try and be better. and that’s all i can do, is to try and carry on. 

c. 2013 bgw

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