. . . . . . what can i say about her?  nothing that i havent already said before,  but can never say it enough.  the sparkling  coloured eyes that look into my eyes,  always say a thousand, unspoken words.  the gentle tapping of the rain,  hitting the skylight,  quickly fills in the silence in the room.   the beating of each others hearts,  exposes the nervousness within  us.   the candlelight flickers as it shows the smile,  the grin,  exposing the beauty that is her.  she is so beautiful.   she is the desire.   the way she whispers  her words,   the soft touch of  her hands,  caressing the mind and body.   this  passion,  filling our voids,  needs and  desires.   here within my hands,   it is you,   that i am holding close.  and tonight,  here we are.   the deep desire,   the passion,  acts on the feelings within.   here i am .   the soft skin,   the gentle kiss.    the warmth,   the honesty.  here we are.   like a puzzle piece,  her hand fits inside of my hand,  a gentle squeeze,  and i feel safe.   face  of  an angel,  and im lost within her eyes again.  endless thoughts and emotions cover my mind like a thick fog rolling into a cityscape;    she seeped through the cracks of  voidance,  everything i kept to myself,  everything i kept private and everything behind everything in my life,  she knew all about it.   i wasnt supposed to let that happen,  and she found a way in.   every physical moment apart,  she’s there,  knocking at the thought,  and every moment together is just never long enough.  //  the passion rises,  as the sun sets below the sailing ships deck.  the clink of a wine glass toast,  a dinner for two.  a drop of wax drips down the side of the candle,  flickering flame.   romance is endless like the sea,  following the motion of the waves.  her hair flows in the sailing breeze.   her face of electrifying beauty,  draws the desire deeper within my soul.   lost in the stars twilight,  the moonlight shimmer’s across the water’s surface.  she is my island,  my paradise.  she turns a cluster of words that scatter inside my head,  into a  poetic prose that is her,  perfectly stated,  but never coming close to her breathtaking beauty.   so, what can i say about her?  nothing that i havent already said before,  but  i can never say it enough.  she makes me feel free.   she takes my feelings that  were numbing  to  my insides and make them  feel brand new;   she is the music to my words,  and i need her. . . . . .

c. 2013  BGW

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