the reality of a dream

. . . . where can i find the one thing  i’ve been missing?  looking  beyond  the  grasp  of  these  hands;   digging,  searching.  day after day, waking up to quick sand dreams,  driving into the same postcard picture,  turning here,  instead of there.  because most of the time, i feel like i’m coming apart at every nail;  and then,  she enters  my mind,  my sight;  finding my light.  and then,  everything i was mad at, everything i was stressed out about;  it all seems to just disappear,   all in a matter of moments.  the hours seem like simple minutes,  and my eyes open,  and its all there,  nothing but the empty room,  reality,  and im all alone again,  and i want to go back to sleep. . . . 



c. 2013  BGW