part two:


. . . . . two a.m.  tossing and turning,   tangled all within the sheets;   i’m wide awake.    i dozed off  for maybe ten minutes,   but that was an hour ago,   and now i’m just here,   watching this wall,   digital numbers glowing in my eyes,   getting later and later.   laying here, thinking about you tonight.   and i wonder if you’re doing the same about me,  too.   you see,  we agreed to meet up for the friday night,  and its now friday morning,  three thirty a.m.   and i havent seen a wink of deep sleep,   and the jumping sheep have all gone home.   tossing and turning , how could i stop thinking of her?    the easy haunting of  her eyes,   pierced my heart when i first introduced myself to her.   blades on the fan on the ceiling,  trying to keep me cool,  and this room feels like im all wrapped up in wool.   five a.m.  in this sleepless morning,   and i slide out of bed and get ready for the working day,   tonight’s  the night.    and here i am, in my early morning routine, and it  feels like slow motion.   coffee’s brewed,  and  eggs are scrambled.   the songs on the radio seem to fit the story that plays out in my head.    the cell phone screen glows bright,   and lights up the darkness  inside the car.  stop light,  red light,  i read the message;   that is her.   telling me that she hopes that my day goes well,   and that she’s  really looking forward to the night.    and like the eraser on the chalkboard,   the slow motion of the sleepless night was wiped away and a surge of excitement  awoke within.  work, work and more work,   with nice interruptions of smiley  faces,  peppered with  a winked  face,  and a smile comes across my face.  ticked and toc’d  the day slowly passes,   and at three,  i clock out.  rushing to the car,  and finding my self driving a little quicker than usual to my home;  i unlock the door,  check the mail and toss it on the living room’s end table.  no time now to pay the cable.   turning on the shower,  i quickly undress and head on over to shave my face smooth.  double checking  the smoothness of my face,  i draw back the curtain,  and i step in the heavily steamed shower.  i dry off and i splash my after shave on,  and the burn tingles and splash another for good measure.   there she waits for me at her house,  for my arrival and i pull in her drive.  stepping out of the car, i reach over and grab the flowers i bought on the way,  and straightened my shirt tail and i take a deep breath.   some how my feet  head on up towards the door, but  i have forgotten how to walk.  and in a blink of an eye,  i ring the doors bell,  and the sound of feet coming down the stairs are blinded by this door.   and the lock makes noise and slowly the door opens.  and there,  stood in the doorway,  was the one who pierced my heart.  she curled her hair and remembered my favourite colour,  by wearing the same colour dress.   frozen,  i stand,  but a smile comes through.   once again our eyes meet and a smile comes across her face.   somehow i utter out a hello,  followed by telling her that she looked amazing.   a complementary thank you follows and i hand her the flowers.  she invites me in for a short time,  while she grabs her purse and as she quickly puts her flowers in a vase.  i walk her to the passenger side door and open it for her.   taken back by that,  she once again smiles and thanks me in her soft angelic tone.   leaving the driveway,  her perfume fills the interior,  and im quickly driven wild.   there at the restaurant,  i tell the hostess my name and that we had reservations.   she shows us to the  candlelit table.   i pull the chair out for you and we sit, and give each other a glance.   looking over the menu,  we order and i reach out for her hand.  squeezing it,  we take a sip of our wine and start our conversation.  as we talk,  the music of the band, softly plays from the other room.   there’s no one on the dance floor yet,  and i grab your hand and head towards the floor.   the slow song requires the slow dance.  my hand shakes,  and your hand shakes and we hold on to each other.  slowly,  the lights dim dimmer and our feet slowly pace,   am i leading or are we both following;   i am all lost in you right now,  and im amazed.   your head is on my chest,  and everything else is a blur.   as quickly as the song started,   it ended,  and you held on to me a little while longer.   the scent of her hair filled my head and the felling of her arms around me,  was perfect.  we head to our table and there was our dinner,  ready for a side of  conversation.   you tell me that you like my cologne and that my shirt matches my eyes,  something only could catch.  my smile gets bigger.  bite after bite,  sip after sip, and story after story,  the table gets cleared off ,  and again,  the conversation continues.  your eyes and the words you speak paint a picture in this head of mine,  unlike any other before,  like some sort of short film, and i  am your audience.   filing away deep inside my brain,  everything you say.  and another song plays and i ask you to dance again.  this time you grab my hand as we head towards the floor.  and like we never left the other dance from earlier,  the scent of your hair came rushing back,  and the feeling of you holding me tight,  never felt so good.  and even though there are more couples on the wooden dance floor,  we are the only.  dance lights slowly move across the room,  and here we are;   the cover of   “it’s your love”  comes to a close,  and we just keep dancing,   embracing this moment,   this  memory.   heading back to the table,  i grab the check,  and pay the tab.  not wanting to quite go home,  we walk down main street again,  and hop into the horse-drawn carriage.   and as the town slowly crawls by,  and the evening air,  refreshes.  here we are.  holding my hand,  the continuous smile never leaveing  our faces,  we are real,  true and forever.   the moon shines brightly tonight,   and the evening is cooler than normal.  perfect.   as you look out your side of the carriage,  i quickly reach  into my inside jacket pocket.  and when you turn to ask me what something was,  you stop mid sentence,  and you freeze.  your eyes enlarge and your hands quickly cover your mouth.   here, and i tell her that  she is the love of my life,   and i wouldn’t want to go through it with anyone else.  i asked her to marry me.   and with tears of joy pouring out,   she answers with a yes,  and she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me love.   the driver of the carriage smiles and tells us congrats and hands us a bottle of champagne and two glasses.   slowly,  we still crawl through the town and around the neighborhoods untill the first glass is empty.   here we are.    as the carriage drops us off at your front door,   ill pick up the car tomorrow,  can’t think about that now.    the deep kiss good nite was perfect,  and there we are,  and i need you.   you put your hand in my hand and guide me through the door.  we aren’t leaving each other tonight and  we can’t let this evening end.   and i don’t want it to.   and slowly,  the door shuts behind me,  and here we are. . . . . .

part two

c. 2013  BGW

part one = first day of june

part four = the walk home (evening edition)

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