. . . . . the morning sun,  silently rises,  above the watered horizon.  the last of the morning clouds drifts slowly west,  across the new days sky.  a new canvas has begun.  the sunrise over the eastern shore,  softly glows orange,  hinting of  a pinkish mix.   the waves crash upon the shore,  washing up past my feet.  my feet sinking slowly in the soft sands,  around my heel,  around my toes.   the sea salted air,   breezes through my hair,   and across my face;  soft, like a lovers hand caressing my cheek.   evermore, the waves crashing ashore, wave after wave,  slowly creeping up towards the landline,  and then back down again.   sea foam gathers,  seagulls squawk.  morning time on the beach,  a solitary moment,  finding the sacred,  sought out desire of peace and calmness;  there i am.   a freightliner slowly eases across the outer most point on the horizon;  and inside the bay,  the fishermen collect the catch of the day.   the aqua blue starts to show as the sun climbs higher and higher in the days sky.  the warmth surrounds at an earlier pace than yesterday,  and so like the seagulls, the people flock to the shoreline.  sun bathe,  swim,  surf  and  parasail.  the noonday’s sun,  higher and hotter.    i run into the crashing waves,  into the water,  cooling myself.   jet-skis,  water skis,  pass by,  as i wade back up to the soft, hot sands  of land.  //  lounging in a hammock,  collecting my own sun rays,  i close my eyes.  distant laughing of people,  splashing in the water,  building castles of sand.  i feel the sun kissing my skin.  above me,  the bay’s breeze gently rustling the palms leaves,  and further out,  a speedboat races by.  as i doze off in the palm’s shade, a twinkle of sunlight peaks through, and hits my closed eyes,  and the dream of her comes sneaking back.   my eyes open,  and the crowd has found their choise of local tourist trapped foods,  and the sands before me,  once again comforts the desire for the peace within.   as the clock in the sky,  quietly tic-tocs away the day,  slowly sinking lower and lower,  reflections sprinkle on the waters.  orange, red and pink, mix later into a purple blush,  brushed onto the twilights canvas,  paint me into night.  // the  boats slowly charter back into the bay,  and the people who have a party in the sands, start their bon-fire, tiki torches and music.  the dark sky of night covers the horizon of everlasting waters.  the moon twinkled its light on the blackened waters below and the stars dance in the blinded sky.  the sounds of waves crashing and washing on shore, fill my ears.  to the right, landfall,  the boardwalk fills with people looking for a good time, a carnival ride.  magic mirrors and elephant ears.  // this is where i first met you,  some sixty-five years ago.  nine-teen forty-eight.   the boardwalk has grown a little larger from the last time we were here together.   but here,  the first time our eyes met.  but here, where our hearts and feelings collided.  our first kiss.   i’m  a little older,  and our children have all grown up,  and now have children of their own.  this day lies our anniversary.  the feelings still remain,   within my heart,  within my grey haired head,  as if you never passed.   the morning and evening walks along the shore,  are never alone.  the conversations are like you never had gone away. // the morning sun,  silently rises,  above the watered horizon.  the last of the morning clouds drifts slowly west,  across the new days sky.   a new canvas has begun.  paint me a new day. . . . 



c. 2013  BGW

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