here we are

with each passing minute, time silently sneaks by

the tic toc of the old coo-coo clock,  events,  moments come and go

ages grow larger,  and the children aren’t any smaller

two becomes one,  or the feeling of only,  and one

two becomes one,  where are you?,   and one is back,   but the other is leaving.

two is lonely,  looking at one.   is it you?,   or is it me?

myself,   yourself…

seeking and searching for what is lacking,   here i am

all along,   in front of you,   but blinded by the chaos,  you couldn’t see,   seek

im barely awake,  morning motions are routine,   someone,   please don’t  wake me

because there you are,   in the world that is not yet been.

needing the want,   wanting the need of mental intimacy, something that’s deeper (and lacking)

healing the wounds time threw,   becoming something stronger

here we are,   looking for answers that already have been

here we are,  with each passing minute

time silently passing by,   and here we sit,   gathering a collection of new memories,

new feelings and emotions,   here i am,  and there you are

one and one equals a whole lot,   more than what we could ever count

and here i am

c. 2013  BGW

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