i don’t really have to explain on how amazing you are.

or  how you can be the eye in my storm

alone, I have traveled a little distance,

and somehow,  there you are,  still on my mind

dream these thoughts,  imagine the what if

this is what i’ve done,  as I carry on;

the day that is before me,  i conquer it without, but within.

looking out this window,  watching the people hurry home,

the cars driving through the concrete jungles

still thinking about you,  i am here,  wishing you were too

talking,  laughing,  there we are,  knowing, loving.

stay in, holding your hand,  soft and light.

hearts beat faster,  standing still in motion.

walking about, exploring,  discovering,

quant shoppes, local bistros,

my smile,  your grin.

all within my head,  very little to hide now

with all I am, smiling,  an honest word spoken

an honest wish wished

c. 2013 BGW

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